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What is the Regex Extension?

The Regex extension provides regular expression pattern matching and searching for Frontier 5.1 or later running on Win95/98, Win NT, or a PowerPC-based Macintosh.

Regular expressions can be considered as a language that can describe patterns of characters in text. The aim of creating a regular expression is to be able to identify, extract or substitute particular text within a target string.

A common use is to extract various elements from a HTML page - such as specific tags, or to strip all the HTML code from a page, leaving only the underlying content. These can all be achieved with just a few lines of code through the use of regular expressions.

Be warned though that designing a regular expression to get a specific job done requires some practice. However, you will probably find that the time it takes to learn regular expression syntax is time well spent.

Current Status

The latest version available of the Regex extension is 2.0.1. It was released on Wednesday, February 17th, 1999.

During the private beta process of Frontier for Mac OS X, version 2.0.2b3 of the Regex extension was released to testers on April 23rd, 2001. In addition to carbonizing the Regex DLL, one minor bug was fixed and minor optimizations were made to the regex.match and verbs.

The Regex extension, documentation, and the C source code are available from our Download page.


Please send comments, bug reports, etc. to

Mailing List

We are running a mailing list to coordinate our development efforts. If you want to help us moving the project forward, you should join our list. To do so send e-mail to with the subject line "subscribe regex". After you have subscribed, it can't hurt to send a short introductory note.

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